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Constant Reminder

BLDR has impacted me in way that it reminds me to be more joyful in who I am; who I serve. Being a Christian, my main calling is to tell others about Christ and I'm glad that y'all are doing this to spread the word. I wear it confidently and it's exciting to tell others about what BLDR means. -Yasmin Cardenas 

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As Simple as A Sticker

I was sitting at a coffee shop doing homework and a girl came up to me asking what the B-L-D-R sticker on my laptop stood for. I explained that it stood for birth life death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and what the meaning of the pronunciation "bolder" meant. She thought it was awesome and shared with me that she was also a follower of Jesus. It is so cool to have a way as simple as a sticker on a laptop to share the gospel and connect with other believers. Can't wait to see who asks me next!! -Emma...

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